Welcome to OK MEDIA! For more than 70 years we have been manufacturing sound and data media of all types and in a wide range of suitable packaging. We believe that the true value of a product can only shine through if, for example, an audiobook is well executed and packaged or a game is set apart by added bonus content in a special edition or a collection of films on DVD or Bluray is put together with care. We therefore work closely and passionately with our clients to ensure the realisation of such products. With over 160 employees at two factories we manufacture and package up to 200000 CDs, DVDs or Blurays per day.

What can we do for you?

As a media service provider with decades of experience, we are your experts for the production of outstanding print products. We also design media packaging or CDs, DVDs and Blu.ray Discs for you in a qualitative, fair and fast manner. Thanks to our experience as an in-house logistician, we are also your specialized partner for the storage and distribution of your products. All in all, we are your partner when it comes to reliability and dependability.

OK Media executives

Managing Director, Controlling

Friedrich Halm

Tel.: (49)4871/7069-320

Managing Director, Director Sales

Morten Miller

Tel.: (49)4871/7069-367

Mob.: (49)172/4253558

Director Human Resources

Andrea Igel

Tel.: (49)4871/7069-256

Director Finance

Waldek Szeliga

Tel.: (49)4871/7069-212

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