Our expertise

Of course, everyone first claims that they know their business. We believe that you need to know for sure what you can do – but also what you can’t do.
We can do it fast, we can do it on time, we can do it with quality, we can do it cheap, we can do it flexibly.
We must not be dishonest (We respect intellectual property and, without exception, carry out all necessary licenses ourselves).

Special Packaging

Media packaging

We would be happy to advise you or procure new ones for you. Manufacturing is also no problem for us, no matter how large your requirements may be.
Thanks to our decades of experience, we can upgrade your complex packaging and also keep an eye on the price.


We will develop a packaging solution together with you and use our many templates to find exactly the right one for you. Whether slipcases, inlays or box sets, with us you will find the right contact person for all your wishes.

Complex added requirements

When it comes to serialisation, complex distribution or product variations (which may only differ very minimally) we know from many years of experience what to do – your product is in safe hands!

Do you want your product to be unique?

Are you looking for added value or a gimmick that will make your product even more unique and attractive? We have a lot of empirical values and templates for you from the last few years, with which we support you from procurement to the right packaging to packaging and palletizing and finally create the reports for you in accordance with the Packaging Ordinance.